HereYouGo – A Perfect App to design, store, and send digital business cards.

An in-depth review of the 2020 web as well as mobile apps that are worth downloading by TheWebAppMarket. HereYouGo is an eco-friendly revamped idea of the customary business card offered to users free of cost – that permits them to


Visionary or lucky? CEOs ahead of the curve for COVID19 tech revolution

Pandemic-Proof Tech Giants Poised to Lead the COVID19 Business Revolution. The business world is evolving as companies scramble to adapt to the rapid spread of COVID-19, which has already forced closures upon dozens of America’s most iconic brands. Although the economy continues


HereYouGo: introducing the all new digital business card!

HereYouGo featured on Telecom Review! A new mobile application that allows users to share their contact information without having to exchange business cards was recently launched. HereYouGo is an ecofriendly renovated concept of the traditional business card - offered to