ayman jomaa


Do you think the world at large is prepared for covid-19?

“Observing what could have prevented the Corona virus pandemic reveals consequential opportunities. I’ve been hearing most of my friends refer to the current state of the world ‘as if we are living in a disaster movie like ArmageddonThe Day After Tomorrow, or Deep impact‘. Perhaps watching these films subconsciously prepared us for the aberrant behaviour and nature of the world today.”

As a tech entrepreneur, investor, and enthusiast, I was intensely disappointed by how the entire tech scene dealt with the COVID-19 outbreak at the end of January 2020. I asked myself – why wasn’t technology tracking the historical movement of confirmed cases of the virus? Why weren’t governments utilizing location data to pinpoint in real-time, areas of large gatherings, and communicate their findings, and subsequent warnings, via text alerts and automated calls? 

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