Numbase Joins Google Cloud Partner Program

Numbase has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program. We offer Google Cloud Platform and Google workspace solutions to businesses and customers. Find out more  


HereYouGo – A Perfect App to design, store, and send digital business cards.

An in-depth review of the 2020 web as well as mobile apps that are worth downloading by TheWebAppMarket. HereYouGo is an eco-friendly revamped idea of the customary business card offered to users free of cost – that permits them to


Visionary or lucky? CEOs ahead of the curve for COVID19 tech revolution

Pandemic-Proof Tech Giants Poised to Lead the COVID19 Business Revolution. The business world is evolving as companies scramble to adapt to the rapid spread of COVID-19, which has already forced closures upon dozens of America’s most iconic brands. Although the economy continues

ayman jomaa

Ayman Z. Jomaa predicted COVITECH, technology for pandemics

THEAMERICANREPORTER/ BUSINESS Do you think the world at large is prepared for covid-19? “Observing what could have prevented the Corona virus pandemic reveals consequential opportunities. I’ve been hearing most of my friends refer to the current state of the world


Reality or Sci-Fi? Numbase Group closes an investment in Mojo Vision.

Mojo Vision Raises Additional $51 Million+ in Series B-1 Round, Funding Development of First True Smart Contact Lens SARATOGA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mojo Vision, the Invisible Computing company, today announced it has raised more than $51 million in a Series B-1 investment

shaker khazaal

Arabian Business: residents urged to light a candle of hope amid COVID-19 crisis

Candle of Hope Leading Palestinian-Canadian author, speaker, and reporter, Chaker Khazaal is inviting people to light a digital candle and spread hope around the world. The free app that was devised along with a team of Lebanese and American volunteer

phion technologies

Numbase CEO and previous Shazam investor, Ayman Z. Jomaa, joins board of Phion Technologies

The Power of wireless connectivity. Numbase Group expands its strategic partnerships and takes a board seat with PHION Technologies. Numbase's network in telecom and device manufacturer markets will strongly support the go-to-market strategy of PHION as it advances the development


HereYouGo: introducing the all new digital business card!

HereYouGo featured on Telecom Review! A new mobile application that allows users to share their contact information without having to exchange business cards was recently launched. HereYouGo is an ecofriendly renovated concept of the traditional business card - offered to


Numbase CEO Ayman Jomaa on the role of telcos in supporting startups.

Smart Networking "Telcos should not act as mere investors in startups" said Ayman Jomaa, CEO of Numbase Group, in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review conducted in the framework of the 10th edition of Telecom Review Summit and held in


Numbase sponsors the telecom leaders’ summit 2018

ATLANTIS THE PALM, DUBAI Designed to verbalise critical business, policy and regulatory challenges as well as to open doors to new opportunities and bridging gaps in an ambience conducive to open communication among a diverse group of key stakeholders, SAMENA