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Ayman Jomaa's thoughts on the future of careers, Creativity and Innovation event, IC.

April 26, 2018 - International College presents 'Creativity and Innovation in a Brave New World!' event in association with IC Counselling, IC Secondary school, Beirut Digital District, Dubai Institute of Design, American University of Beirut and Numbase Group. Speakers: Hani Asfour, Dr. Yousif Asfour, Mouhamad Rabah and Ayman Z. Jomaa.


Numbase CEO Ayman Jomaa on the role of telcos in supporting startups.

Telcos should not act as mere investors in startups, said Ayman Jomaa, CEO, Numbase Group in an exclusive interview with Telecom Review conducted in the framework of the 10th edition of Telecom Review Summit and held in Lebanon on April 13th, 2018 under the theme "It's All About SMART Networking". The Telecom Review Summit gathered over 450 attendees from over 18 countries, and hosted Lebanon's first 5G trial conducted by local telecom operator Alfa and…


Numbase Sponsors the TELECOM LEADERS’ SUMMIT 2018.

3 MAY, 2018 | ATLANTIS THE PALM, DUBAI - Designed to verbalize critical business, policy and regulatory challenges as well as to open doors to new opportunities and bridging gaps in an ambience conducive to open communication among a diverse group of key stakeholders, SAMENA Council’s Leaders’ Summit necessitates the sharing of insights to set tangible and implementable goals with regard to the future of the region’s Digital Transformation and Digital Economic Development.


Samena Trends: 'Good Will Hunting in the Age of Analytics' by Ayman Jomaa

".. Predictive data, real-time analytics – this is what we do for a living. Yet, what we do is by definition, invasive. From the Americas to Europe, Africa and Asia, Numbase is servicing around 50 million customers every day: 50 million people whose behavioural traits and personal financial status are being used to create purchasing decisions for them before they know it.. "